Foundation Checks

New Or Existing Homes

Buying a new home?  It is highly recommended that you obtain a foundation elevation report from your builder or from a third party inspector or professional engineer. 

Over the next several years your foundation WILL move and settle and if it moves or settles too much serious problems can occur.  If you know what the foundation elevation was at the time the home was originally constructed you will have a valuable reference point to determine just how much your home has settled over time.  Foundations are NEVER perfectly level when they poured and they will only settle and deflect more as they age.

Have an existing home that is beginning to experience settlement problems,

a digital elevation report can help pinpoint where the problems exist with your foundation.



Pro 2000 Foundation Level

Our relative elevation reports will accurately document the floor variations in every room of the home.Eliminates guess work of where settlement occurred and provides the home owner with a documented elevation report that can be reviewed if future foundations problems occur.

*Please note that this is a relative report only and that the inspector is a State Licensed Home Inspector and NOT a Professional Engineer.  This report it does NOT take the place of an engineers report designed by a State Licensed Professional Engineer.

Cost:  Relative Elevation Inspections
for slab foundation homes under 3500 sq. ft

(CALL For Detailed Pricing On Homes Over 3500 sq. ft.)