Home Inspections have many factors that must be considered when pricing your Austin area home inspection fee.  We pride ourselves on charging a very fair rate for the services we offer. There is a genuine peace of mind that comes from knowing everything you can about your new home purchase.  That makes our fee a small price when compared to the potential cost of repairs that you could be burdened with.

You may save a few dollars going with that new or inexperienced inspector but it can cost you dearly in expensive repairs down the road.

Austin Home Inspection Prices start at $355 and go up based on the size & age of the home.

Every Inspection Includes FREE:


  1. Sprinkler Inspection (Acreage with over 10 Zones adds $20)
  2. A Foundation Level Check with A Zip CompuLevel
  3. An Infrared Thermal Image scan of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems at no extra charge.

Note: If you do not want the Thermal Imaging scan you can deduct $20 from the prices below.


SQ. FootageRate
Up to – 999 sq. ft.$355.00
1,000 – 1999 sq. ft.$375.00
2,000 – 2,499 sq. ft.$395.00
2,499 – 3,199sq. ft.$425.00
Over 3,200 sq. ft$.14 sq ft
Sprinkler System (w/inspection)FREE**

*Add $50 for homes over 20 yrs old

**Up to 10 Zones

***A flat $50 fee will be charged for New Home Inspections by the following builders: Standard Pacific: CalAtlantic: or any other builder that requires additional insurance or additional fee exemption paperwork over and above what is already mandated by the State of TX

The Texas Real Estate Commission already requires TX Inspectors to carry insurance, some builders require inspectors to carry 3 or 4 times the State requirements (in my opinion this is to deter clients from getting a proper home inspection as most inspectors do not carry this additional fee coverage) In order to cover this added fee burden of some builders a $75 flat fee is now required in addition to the normal inspection fee.

Additional Fees***

Pools (w / Inspection)$50.00
Pier & Beam per 1200sf (add)$95.00
Homes over 20 yrs. of age (add)$50.00
Duplex (add)CALL

Home Inspection Rates are extremely competitive for Austin TX and surrounding areas and we offer the best possible service without becoming a financial burden to you. Our Professionalism and Expertise are 2nd to none. (Note: rates may be subject to change)

OUR Residential Austin Area Home Inspections Include For FREE:

  1. Compu-level check of the foundation using the Technidia ZipLevel PRO-2000 Precision Altimeter. This type of service is provided by LESS than 1% of licensed inspectors. It is NOT required by current Standards of Practice! Texas soils are unstable so how will your inspector verify if the foundation is performing as intended?
  2. FREE Sprinkler system check with your home inspection (*Up to 10 Zones). *Please note that larger properties with more than 10 sprinkler zones will add $20.00 to the cost of the inspection.
  3. Infrared Thermal Image scan of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems at no extra charge. Note: If you do not want a Thermal Imaging scan of your home you can deduct $20 from the prices below.
  4. Computerized report that includes Defect Photos of any issues we find in the home. Your report will be delivered via email in less than 24 hrs after the inspection.  And we can email the report to you and your agent, or anyone you want to have a copy.
  5. We work for YOU! NOT the builders or the agents. We want you to feel comfortable that you are getting the BEST possible inspection for your money without undue influences.
  6. Guaranty: If for what ever reason you feel we have not done a Professional and Thorough Home Inspection for you please tell us at the end of the inspection and we will NOT charge you for our services!

Don’t Be Surprised…BE SMART!

Serving ALL your home inspection needs.